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Batman filming halts, Robert Pattinson tested positive for COVID-19

The Lead reel hero of the ‘Twilight’ series, Robert Pattinson found to have tested positive for coronavirus, due to which shooting of his forthcoming film ‘The Batman’ ceased just a few days later the superhero recommenced shoots at studios out of London. With the lead role in The Batman, Mr. Pattinson is going to play the Character of young Bruce Wayne early in his career in the sequence of the DC comic book vigilante.

Pattinson reported COVID-19 positive

Warner Bros. from the production, without disclosing the name of any person proposed a statement on Thursday and verified that filming of The Batman is going to be “temporarily paused” and added that, “A member of The Batman’s production tested positive for coronavirus and is isolating in accordance with established protocols”.But through an authentic source, a report came out yesterday that Pattinson is the one who found positive for coronavirus.

Filming On and Off

The shotting of the film was closed down in March due to the global pandemic of coronavirus which was restarted a few days before now again halted because of him tested positive for the infection. In April, the director and writer of the film, Matt Reeves, confessed in front of The New York Times that it was “quite surreal” for ceasing the production of this film because of the increasing global pandemic.

Movie production in Los Angeles has recently allowed reopening with studios strictly obeying all the safety rules on actors and crew members. As the infection rate is uprising continuously, the production decided to resume the filming of The batman outside London along with all the safety measures and following all the guidelines and protocols issued.

Looking for the recovery

Pattinson who achieved the stardom in his teen romance series ‘Twilight’ is the latest in the counting of the number of high profile actors who have been found positive for the contagious infection of coronavirus. The production house of the film is looking for the recovery of their lead role actor so the shooting can restart as soon as possible. World wide fans of their Twilight hero ‘Edward’ hoping his recovery so all can admire him again on the big screen of Hollywood.

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