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Proud Boys to return to Portland with rally planned Sept 26

Proud boys national leads to announced that a loosely organized right-wing group plans another rally in Portland, the main objective of the rally will be against police violence and social injustice. People gather for a rally on Sept 26, in Terry Schrunk Plazo which is a federal park downtown, the statement given by Proud Boys group Chairman Enrique Tarria. But according to the General service Administrator, the group has no permit requests to use the space for conducting rally.

Who are Proud Boys

Proud boys are a group of people who are “patriotic” and “western chauvinist”, according to them. But there protest mostly ends in violence and public property destruction. Most of their members are racist and support misogynistic or xenophobia sentiments.

Last year Proud Boy’s rally

On August 17, 2019, near Portland’s Waterfront, a lot of violence happened during the rally. On that day, President Donal Trump has a controversial statement and highlights a congressional resolution to have left-wing activists labeled as a domestic terrorist and challenged Portland’s Mayor to “peacefully do their job”.There were hundreds of Trump’s supporters as we as opponents also, they clashed with each other . The situation got out of hands, police had to intervene and arrest a lot of people to maintain law and others. Many people have destructed public property, several people got wounded also in the chaos.

Portland’s Mayor Ted Wheeler replied to Trump’s statement by saying “noise” and “doesn’t do anything to support or help the efforts that are going on here in Portland.”

Well, both Trump and Wheeler have got the same views and Proud Boys group and their protests.

This year rally

Now Proud Boys are again planning for a rally on September 26 to protest against police violence and social injustice. This time, the officials are alert and already taking charge to maintain law and order during the rally.

The Bureau will ask for officers from other agencies to make everything is happening with peace. But still, several surrounding departments have refused to provide help and expressed reluctance. This can be due to the controversy that the Proud boys group creates during the rally.

Protesting for rights is fine, we must speak up our voice on social injustice and racism going around the world. ” Black lives matter ” moment is going with full-fledged. But protest should be done with peace and non violence.