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Niecy Nash roasted by Kevin Hart Hilariously on All new Celebrity Game Face

Kevin Hart’s all-new Celebrity Game Face had the audience rolling over floors on Thursday, Sept 3 as the Game face became a roast show. Hart escorted 3 pairs, Rob Schneider and Patricia Maya Schneider, Niecy nash and Wendy Raquel; Robinson Victor Cruz, and Karrueche Tran through a series of hilarious games and hysterical phone calls.

‘I’m Kevin Hart, I’m the dungeon master for this, what I like to call, the coolest conference in the world’, the acclaimed comedian led the show. The motive to win the show is to take home a charity of choice and the Hart of a champion Trophy. The trophy is even funnier, the carvings of a baby’s shape are in the form of a trophy.

Neicy Nash ‘adult squirrel’

Neicy was dubbed an “adult squirrel” by Victor during a round of ‘mouthing off’ where she stuffed 7 donuts in the mouth. And yet intelligibly gave all the right cues to her comrade to guess the right flavors of ice-cream Neicy named. At the start of the round others watched dumbfounded as the 50-year-old actress swiftly placed 7 donuts in mouth

Sweatsuit Charades with sweethearts

Kevin made the duo break a sweat in the sweatsuit. ‘Hey Karrueche Soul Train called they want their outfit back’ quipped Kevin Hart teasing the couple. “Hey Victor and Karrueche, this is a TV show! Settle it down!” when the couple seemed to be in a slightly suggestive pose trying to fight in the sweatsuit.

Chucklesome birthday call

In the game of “Hit em up” Rob rang pal and fellow comedian David spade. The goal of the game is to make the called person say mystery words chosen by the competitor’s team. David being a comedian causes great laughs and so he caused among the audience. “I was gonna call Adam Sandler but he’s not affordable” joked Rob. As a matter of chance, the celebrity called pal on birthday and certain birthday exchanges took place.

Rob and Patricia’s sweat breaking came in handy for helping them win the ‘Hart of a champion’ trophy.

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