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Ohio mom praises police officer who crawled into an overturned car to save her family

Police officer, Yamil rescued a 4-year-old girl who got trapped inside the smashed car. The accident happened between the two cars out of which one getting hit. The car which got hit had a mother and her 3 toddlers.

Details about the accident

On Saturday, Emma Jemason was driving to the banks with her 3 kids who are toddlers. The mother was trying to pass the slow-moving car in her left, and soon as she changes the lane, the car in front of her also moved to the left lane. The driver of the other car suddenly applied the brakes, which caused the mother also to apply the brakes. In the heat of the moment, Jason’s car rolled over and left the road. She got landed in the Eastland lanes of 450. She went blank for some moment as soon as she gains consciousness back, she could think of nothing but o her kids only.

“Immediately my children, how do I get them out? How do I make sure everybody’s okay… I heard them all screaming so I knew none of them were dead,” said Jameson.

“Somebody ripped open my door and by the time he had done that, I had already gotten one kid out of the car seat and I was holding him. I got out, went to go put him down and turn around to get my other kids out and there were already men in there trying to get them out,” said Jameson.

The brave police officer, Yamil Encarnacion immediately crawled into the overturned car and rescued the small child who was trapped inside the smash car with the seatbelt.

The aftermath of the accident

Jameson exclaimed that her daughter got an x-ray done but thankfully she has no broken bones. Her youngest son escaped the crash with some minor bruising. And her other son got some small scrape on his head The mother of the toddlers is fine and got some minor scraping. Her daughter is still in shock and scared by this incident. All three children are fine. The police officer, Yamil Encarnacion is getting all the praising from his senior officers for his bravery. The way he acted and handled the situation was remarkable. We need more officers like him.