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McDonald’s new ‘Travis Scott Meal’ going to be launch on sale next week

Yes, you read it right two mega brands are coming together for the first time. Let’s have a detailed look at the entire news. McDonald’s is a huge brand that was founded in 1940. This American fast food company works as a chain and is serving the best in almost every country for several years. Now, this biggie is making collaboration with another biggie who is not less than a brand. His popularity makes him the best choice for the partnership and the mega start is Travis Scott. This American rapper, singer, songwriter, and record producer has immense popularity and is always successful in gathering the love and support of his admirers through his amazing work. Scott’s musical style has been described as a fusion of traditional hip hop, lo-fi and ambient. Now for the first time, these two brands are coming together, also providing Scott the prestigious opportunity to be the first celebrity to make an entry in McDonald’s menu card.

A fruitful collaboration

Now this alliance between food and art is going to be an interesting one, adding more spice to the lives of music and food lovers. How could Trans be away from the magic of McDonald’s, offering a perfect blend of taste, aroma, and ambiance? Similarly like every other foodie, the Grammy Award nominee also loves this place filled with numerous blended emotions. The rapper shares love for McDonald’s Quarter Pounders with cheese in abundance. He enjoys the taste of the meal so much that the American company has decided to name the burgers after him. It will be called the ‘Travis Scott Meal’. This collaboration is going to be fruitful for the food brand as well as for Scott.

A treat for the fans

McDonald’s confirmed it’s a new partnership with Scott and his record label Cactus Jack in a tweet. On Thursday morning, a statement was made announcing a month-long promotion which marks the beginning on Tuesday and will meet an end on October 4, 2020. While the megastar also expressed his gratitude towards McDonald’s for this gesture and also conveyed his excitement for this new venture with the epic fast-food brand. In a written statement Scott said that ” I couldn’t be more excited to bring the Cactus Jack x McDonald’s collaboration to life. We are bringing together two iconic worlds”. Now, this collaboration is going to be a huge threat for the fans as well.

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