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Dr. Dre’s wife Nicole requests nearly $2M monthly in spousal support

Nicole Young and Dr. Dre have been in the hot news for quite some time now due to their on-going divorce procedure. After celebrating 24 years together in May, Nicole Young filed for divorce on 29th June 2020 and stated the reason that they shared irreconcilable differences.

Nicole Young’s astonishing demand

According to the court documents, Young has demanded $2M in monthly spousal support. In addition to that, she has also demanded that the attorneys’ fees and costs should be covered from Mr. Dre’s pocket which leads to a total of $5M.

As per the reports, Young wishes for the support to begin from September 1st so that she doesn’t have to make any lifestyle changes. Her representatives have stated on record that it has become difficult for her to pay her bills because Dr. Dre has full financial control. Young has stated that she doesn’t have active employment at the moment. However, her attorneys claim that she played a very crucial role in Dr. Dre’s career and thus has complete right to continue living a luxurious life as she did when she was married to him.

Dr. Dre’s alleged outburst

Nicole Young alleged that Dr. Dre, who was completely drunk, kicked her out of their Brentwood residence in the middle of the night. She additionally claimed that he has threatened to sell their Malibu residence, which is her current residence. According to Nicole, Dre has taken an aggressive approach towards this divorce and has also stopped access to her only source through which she paid for everything. She said that he is playing such games with her only because he is financially capable of doing so.

The Prenuptial controversy

“Before our wedding date, Andre (Dr. Dre) demanded that I sign a premarital agreement that 16 of his lawyers had drafted,” Young said in a declaration attached to the filing. She claimed that she was forced to sign the prenuptial agreement. She said that she was afraid and reluctant but had to sign it unwillingly as she had no other option left.

“Andre, at the time, was a well-known producer and rapper in the music industry, but he had not reached anywhere near the pinnacle of his music, entertainment, and business career that he achieved during our marriage,” she said. “He told me that I must sign a premarital agreement or he would not marry me.” Young later mentioned that Dr. Dre felt ashamed of forcing her to sign on the papers and immediately tore it up after almost 3 years into their marriage. Since then, the couple came to an understanding that the prenup is null and void.

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