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Cleveland police officer fatally shot in city’s west side

The protests against the killing of Black people and police brutality are turning more and more vandalized day by day. The lives of commoners as well as the officials both are kept on the stake. Violence is witnessed by police officials and citizens every now and then as rapid growth in protests is seen in different parts of the United States. Cleveland was the new destination of the ongoing tussle between police and protestors that took the life of an official along with another man, who is still not identified. Det. James Skernivitz, 53, was killed in the shooting, according to three sources who were having sound knowledge of the investigation that is being carried out.

Cleveland is the new witness of the tussle

Another incident that shooked the police department took place in Cleveland, The brutal Killing of a police officer while he was in the line of duty, along with one more person terrorized the place and its citizens. West 65th Street, south of Clark Avenue, is shut down after the occurrence of the incident last Thursday night. The Cleveland police have not made any arrests till now and the investigation is in the process, although Cleveland police have not disclosed any further information regarding the incident.

“Cleveland lost one of its finest tonight,” stated by Cleveland Police Chief Calvin Williams.

Many public witnesses have claimed, The shooting took place following a car crash

Loss of a brave officer

Chief of Cleveland Police alongside Mayor Frank Jackson gave a briefing about the officer without identifying him and elucidated him as “Excellent” and a veteran of the city’s police force. He died doing what all police officers do that is; he was protecting his city with all his courage and valor. Cleveland Police Patrolmen’s Association President Jeff Follmer confirms the death of the officer. He said a second person, who was not a police officer but was in the officer’s car, also died in the shooting.

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