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Chloe x Halle drop ‘Do It’, remix ‘big win for women’

Chloe Bailey and Halle Bailey had fun as they teased their fans by announcing the release of something special on Friday, September 4. The R&B duo named it as a ‘Friday Surprise’ creating an enormous curiosity in fans who started speculating what the duo referred to. Numerous collaboration predictions were also made by some, raising the thrill and excitement to another level. Well, the wait is finally over and the day has come when girls will disclose their Friday surprise. The duo released a remix version of their massive hit track ‘ Do It’, fans were completely thrilled with this announcement. Well if you think that the surprise is over then you are sadly mistaken. The remix version features guest appearances from City Girls, Doja Cat, and Mulatto, making the summer even hotter. The beauty of the girls in the same track, won’t let the fans breath tonight. The fans loved this surprise and experienced unmatched energy. This amazing and sassy collaboration is sufficient to rise up the temperature and is a giant treat for the fans.

A big win for the women.

This massive collaboration between some immensely talented female musicians created havoc among the admirers of the musical beauties. Fans were very quick in pouring out the abundant excitement towards this collaboration. Amazing reactions were coming up from all over the globe. A fan, elated by the news shared her excitement by calling the day ‘ a big win for women’. All the supremely talented girls coming together to support each other by sharing the same platform is the best way to empower each other and also provides a wider picture of girl power. A great remix featuring the mega female musicians is going to be loved by all and the excitement is growing constantly. This definitely will be a great work to witness will all the supreme talents coming together and the day will be marked as a big win for women always. Also, it’s the birthday of a mega rockstar Beyonce’s, well a perfect day for the collaboration and a tribute to the world of rock music.

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