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Away Series-Premiere Recap: Great Balls of Fire

Away is Netflix’s newest original series, which was released on September 4th. It is a sci-fi drama web series starring Hillary Swank, and it has been created by Andrew Hinderaker. It mainly revolves around Emma Green, who has to leave her husband and teenage daughter behind to command a three-year-long mission with an international space crew.

Meeting the characters

Emma Green, a representative of the United States and a former Navy pilot, is chosen to command the first mission to Mars, which has also been her life-long dream. Her husband, Matt, who is also a Nasa employee, was supposed to accompany her. Due to unforeseen circumstances, he had to stay back, leaving Emma devastated about leaving her husband and daughter behind. Emma’s second-in-command is a charming representative from India, Ram. He loves food and talking about how much he loves women. He constantly showers Emma with praises and encouragement as well.

Misha, a representative from Russia, is one with the most experienced in space. At the press conference, he admits to not feeling any different about it, but viewers soon know of the reality. Lu, a brilliant chemist from China, is one of the first members to step on Mars. She seems to be closest to Misha and doesn’t trust Emma. Like Emma, she too left her husband and son behind. Kwesi is a botanist from England, who has zero experience in space but has taken up this mission just to fulfill his dream of growing plants on Mars.

Tough crowd for Emma

Emma faces a lot of hurdles and challenges, even before the crew has reached the moon. One particular incident which has been highlighted is the one with the chemical leak. Emma’s impulsiveness and her techniques of handling this mishap turns some of her crew members against her and makes her question her ability to lead. This incident leads to Misha and Lu asking for Emma to be replaced by commander Jack Willmore, who is already on the lunar base. Amidst all the chaos, when the crew finally reaches the moon, Emma comes to know that Matt has had a stroke!

What will Emma do?

Matt, who had been diagnosed with cerebral-cavernous-malfunction disorder early in the show, collapses while cooking dinner for Lex (their daughter). He is immediately rushed to the hospital as Lex and Melissa, who is Emma’s on-ground crew support, alerts her of this situation. Emma pulls the “I’m going to Mars” card and fortunately, arranges for the best doctor.

Emma is torn between her family and her dream when her terrified daughter wants her mom by her side. She eventually decides to return to Earth from the Lunar base itself, but Matt, even in his excruciatingly painful state, doesn’t let Emma come back. Instead, he encourages her to go and pursue her dreams. After an extremely emotional scene and with Lex on board, Emma decides to continue the mission and takes off for Mars.

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