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Charli D’Amelio, Tik Tok Star gets new Dunkin’ drink named after her ,“The Charli”

Occupied a spot on the menu card. 

On Wednesday, one of the biggest Tiktok star-Charlie D’Amelio’s got an opportunity to grab a drink for herself that is made in her honor by the Dunkin’s- doughnut and coffee chain. The 16-year-old star was really excited to witness this huge respect coming to her way. The TikTok star has now officially joined the Dunkin’s menu and is really happy with the same. The drink was named ‘The Charlie’ and is reportedly D’Amelio’s go-to coffee order which is a cold brew with whole milk and three pumps of caramel swirl.

A surprising partnership! 

Charlie D’Amelio is one of the mega Tiktok stars and has gained a huge fan base and abundant love from her admirers through the app. Her videos are loved by all and have helped the girl to become a successful star at such a young age. This partnership between D’Amelio and Dunkin’s may seem surprising to some but the fruitful collaboration happened due to Charlie’s “self-professed love for Dunkin’s”, as stated in the press conference that was organized by the chain.

The star has a huge fan following on social media as well, with 27.8 million followers on Instagram she has become a big name for sure. Recently amid all the speculations, a hint was given by Charlie herself in one of the pictures posted by her where she was seen posing with a cup of Dunkin’s coffee on Tuesday. She captioned the picture as ” rumors are swirling…teehee~ 9.2.20″.

While people were busy decoding the caption, a video was posted by D’Amelio on Wednesday where she was seen ordering ‘the Charlie’ for the first time on her Instagram and Tiktok account while she was in a Dunkin’s drive-thru. The social media influencer was damn excited for the venture and she was wearing an orange outfit and Dunkin’s branded face mask, matching the company’s logo. While posting a joyful and lovely picture of herself, she officially announced the partnership by captioning it as “is this real life, my fave drink is now on the menu @dunkin. order ‘the Charlie’ on the Dunkin’ app. “

So in this way, Charlie joined the great venture and got to witness a super thrilling experience that will definitely be a cherished memory for her forever.

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