The San Diego Padres had no option except improve their World Series odds leading into Major League Baseball trade deadline.

A historic trade was carried out by the general manager of the PADRES, A.J. Preller, including Clevinger. They exchanged 26 players breaking their own record within the three day time period as Monday was the deadline for the trade.No other GM in the history of the MLB has exchanged more than 20 players but Preller holds the record of doing it twice. The very first he did so while he was appointed in the year 2014, he exchanged 24 players. But the current event has signified how has the GM nailed the opportunity! And why he is now, being considered as one of the most aggressive decision-makers in MLB. This overnight haul of the Preller has made the PADRES once again; the biggest story of the baseball. This is the reason why GM PRELLAR  has been serving as the eight longest head of baseball operations till time.

Players have been exchanged

All of the exchanges were carried out in six separate transactions, by importing Mike Clevinger and Greg Allen(Cleveland); Austin Nola, Austin Adams, Dan Altavilla, and Taylor Williams(Mariners); Jason Castro(Angels); Mitch Moreland (Red Sox); and Trevor Rosenthal (Royals).  Which in total counts up as gain of four relief pitchers, two catchers, one outfielder, first baseman, and a starting pitcher. But in the meantime of acquiring the new talent, the Padres have kept the value of their top three Prospects and have not exchanged them, including the future potential of theirs like-(MacKenzie Gore and Luis Patiño). They also refused to trade any of their core major league players. Padres made the decision to part with catchers Austin Hedges and Luis Torrens, reliever Cal Quantrill, outfielder Josh Naylor, infielder Ty France, including the other nine prospects, to make an impeccable team win MLB.

Might of PADRES

This group has been completely renovated, and it relinquished its efforts to show and play the best game. All thanks to GM Preller (who never sleeps). They are now a team who are constantly improvising their skill set to win in 2020 and beyond, Doing all that in a fashion which tremendously reflects the strengths of their unique aggressive architect. The Padres hold records for launching grand slams in consecutive games, also they are able to catch at all unexpected times. It’s also a team that pounces on every single concentrated trade opportunities with an unparalleled lack of restraint. They have crushed all the unwritten rules, they have the ability to swing at all unexpected times.

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