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Thailand’s king restore official title and millitary ranks of Royal consort , official statement by The Royal Gazette

Thailand king Vajiralonkorn has restored the official title and military rank of Royal Consort, Seneenatra Wongvajirapakdi back. She was banished from the rank of Royal Noble Consort last year because of her misbehavior with the queen, Suthida.

Why was sineenat called off from her Royal post

Sineenatra was stripped from her rank and titles as, “she was to ambitious and tried to elevate herself to that same state as the queen and for her misbehavior and disloyalty against the monarch”, according to the detailed official announcement by Royal Court Gazette.

Along with her other 11 officials were also stipped off the titles during a purge on Royal Court in 2019.

It was reported that sue was not satisfied with her position in the court and always tries to match herself with the queen, which was completely disgraceful. She even tried to cancel the meeting of the Monarch wife, suthida.

She even uses her Royal position to rule people, gives orders, and misbehave with them, which was totally intolerable by the King.

She was the first official mistress of the king since the end of Thailand’s absolute monarchy in 1932. She was not seen publicly after her banishment from the Royal Courts.

She did every possible thing to get the position of the queen, but she got caught. All of this behavior of hers brought disgrace for the king and his kingdom.

Sineenatra reappointment as The Royal Consort

After 10 years, Sineenatra Wongvajirapakdi has been restored as the Royal Consort.

The Royal Gazette stated  that ,”Wongvajirapakdi has been wrongly demoted”.

This proves that all the allegations and charges against her were false.

Sineenatra will get back her position as the Royal Noble consort, all the ranks and titles will be given to her. She will be treated as she was never stripped of the Royal consort title and Millions rank.

She will regain her position will full respect.

Well for now she has been reappointed as the Royal Consort by the king of Bangkok. We hope she behaves accordingly to her position in Royalty now. We only want the welfare of the citizen of Bangkok.