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Rockets vs. Thunder: Russell Westbrook’s dangeruous flaw, Westbrook kept the ball in his hands

The Houston Rockets unable to perform with the Thunder, junked a win tonight. Stumbling with the Thunders, the Rockets couldn’t perform In a close encounter with the Thunder and ended losing while chasing a fourth-quarter thriller. Russell Westbrook ended all hopes for the Rockets just 10 seconds before the game while being only two points behind the Thunders.

Chris Paul Had To Learn His Place In Hierarchy In A Hard Way

Basketball demands self-awareness through numbers as it is a reflective sport. In this game, touches gets organically divided as there is one ball for five players. Majority home run is taken by the best players and it is accepted by the majority of players that at one point of time they acknowledge their place in the hierarchy is undervalued which Chris Paul, realised after 12 NBA season failure. Shots and minutes which meant to produce a game became secondary to him and was forced into James Gardner’s Houston Rockets squad delaying his way to a 3-2 Western Conference finals which headed the best team since Jordon Bulls. A hamstring injury followed by a year wide meltdown of his team cost him his job. Herdner and Westbrook who were now playing for the Rockets had their individual stardom with a field goal of 54.1 and 47.6 percentage respectively. Westbrook, unafraid of opponents used his teammates to stop Hardner at any time he stepped out of half-court in November and December earlier this season and Houston had to leave the entire centre position for Westbrook’s sake.

Westbrook Sagged At The Final Minute

Had similar situation repeated, it would have made what happened Monday more predictable. Westbrook, who never skilled an off-ball movement, didn’t become an effective or even average shooter off the catch, nor did he rededicate himself to defence. He joined a group fresh off essentially halting the greatest team of all time twice and bent it to his will. Seems Paul was the catch, last time Rockets lost him because they didn’t have him and this time they lost because he was in the other team. Westbrook greatest hits were the at the final minutes of the game when he finished with seven turnovers. And then, came the sag. Westbrook’s hideous miss came on exactly the kind of mid-range jumper defences have always begged him to take. The final minutes of the game were asymmetry of his greatest hits. He finished the game with seven turnovers, but his liking for the unforced variety has always been particularly maddening.

Does Westbrook’s Season End With The Game?

And if things don’t change, Houston’s trampled sidekick is probably to going to cost him his job on Wednesday as he takes Westbrook’s team further than Oklahoma City’s former MVP ever did on his own. Since change isn’t a thing for Westbrook, that doesn’t exactly go well with him. He is to remain the same, fallible player whether alongside Durant, George, Harden or with none of the above.

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