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Quarterback Taysom Hill biggest strength for New Orleans saint

Taysom Hill still has all the capabilities to play the Myriad position that he always used to play for New Orleans Saints, either it is the tight end or punt protector, punt rusher or kick-off coverer, he is good at every position in the field whatever he has been demanded to play. Often being a sharp and talented player still went for the training camp to segregate himself and expertize the Quarterback skills that Saints trust him, so he will be a near-future NFL starter.

Who is Taysom Hill

Taysom Shawn Hill is a talented American Football Quarterback player who possesses the versatility in his field position during the game as per the demand of his team. He considered an important player for the New Orleans Saints of the National Football League (NFL).

And because of his versatile positions in the game, he has gained the honor as one of the most idiosyncratic and promising players of the National Football League and has achieved the nickname “The Human Swiss Army Knife”.

Taysom aiming for better

As he is working out over his skills to make him more efficient in his game, he also shared his views over it. he said, “As I get into the offseason, I’ll tell you my focus is really on becoming as good of a quarterback as I can”.

He continued by saying, “I’d say through my workouts and stuff I made sure that I try to implement enough strength training, conditioning to make sure that I can do all the things that I am asked to do”.

At present no preseason games are going to occur so he chooses to resume to sharpen his skills by his self-practice. He expressed his dismay for not enjoying preseason games this year. He said, “Yeah it’s a little disappointing not having preseason games for a guy like me because it is really an opportunity to make sure that I’m getting live reps, game time reps in those games.” 

He added, “But I think right now the focus is making sure that I take every practice rep that I get like it is a game situation”.


Coach Explore about Hill

Coach Sean Payton also praised his player and complimented him that Taysom has a good command of what the Saints are doing offensively.


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