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Oklahoma City Thunder boycott playoff game in protest against police shooting of Jacob Blake in Kenosha

Well we all have become quite familiar with this slogan, because of the tragic incident that took place in the near past. Multiple times this slogan was heared, written and recalled. This slogan was the main sword of the blacks who were supported by the entire globe , in raising voice against the domineering behavior of a policemen in the United States. Earlier an African-American man named Floyd was killed brutally by a policeman, who was completely lost in his dictatorial behavior and was full of toxicity against the blacks. Floyd, an unarmed man constantly pleading for his life, died beneath the knee Derek Chauvin, who pressed his knee so hard against the back of the victim’s neck untill he lost all the strength to fight for his life. This brutal incident and barbaric nature of the policeman shook the entire world and a lot of protests were carried out, people were filled with enormous anger and were seeking justice for Floyd and the blacks.

The despotic rule continues. 

Even after a major outbreak, the dictatorial nature has not met an end. Recently on August 23, a 29-year-old black man named Jacob Blake was shot in the back seven times by the police of Kenosha. Blake was walking to his vehicle when a policeman shot him in his back seven times. The whole incident took place just a few feet away from Blake’s children who were inside the vehicle. Those two innocent hearts witnessed their father losing all his strength and the brutality of the police officer. The lawyer of the family informed that Black is now paralyzed down the waist after the seven shots.

As a mark of protest

The shooting of the black man has instigated the anger once again and also has sparked large protests in Kenosha. Recently in order to protest against this demonic behavior of police and to make the heart’s disagreement visible The Oklahoma City Thunder has called it a quit for the playoffs game which was scheduled for today at 5 p.m., both the thunders and the rockets are refusing to play in the game as an act of protest against these critical issues. This decision is respected by all members of both the teams and they raise their voice in a strong manner against the toxicity of the police.

Coming together…Fighting together! 

It has always been believed that unity is the ultimate strength. Often it is asked to have absolute unity within the family, but it is also essential to have boundless unity within the society. We need to have each other’s back, fighting for the rights of one another is the need of the hour. A collective approach is needed to find solutions to the ongoing brutality against the blacks. They are our brothers too and we need to raise our voice for them, we need to fight for them and we need to seek justice for them. The entire world has to come together to make a check over this despotism and also to safeguard the blacks whose lives really matter. Coming together and fighting together for all against the odds is necessary as every life matters. Any kind of discrimination happening in any corner of the world is a threat to humanity.

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