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Longview, Texas resident wins $5M on scratch-off lottery ticket opted to remain anonymous

A Longview resident placed his chances by just stopping at a gas station and having gains of $5,000,000. Adding scratch off cards as a to-do list for COVID sounds the right idea to do. The ticket was the rearmost 3 of $5million victory tickets. The resident who the Texas Lottery said in a statement has opted to stay anonymous. The jackpot millionaire bought the scratch-off ticket at Lil Tommy’s Gas & Go at US 259 and George Richey Road North of Longview.

Winnings right on Premiere Play game

The winnings came out of a $50 scratch-off ticket, Premiere Play Game. The game has three top prizes of $5 million and $200 million in the aggregate winnings. Overall odds of winning the lottery is3.26 including break-even prizes. Tony and Tom Holyfield opened the store year and a half ago. Tony said the authorized winner of the lottery drove straight to claim the amount in Tyler’s center.

Largest Lotto Texas JACKPOT since May 2010

The jackpot amount happens to be the largest since May 29, 2010, when the Jackpot prize was $97 million. According to the Texas lottery, Wednesday night’s win happens to be the fifth-largest eye-catching lottery.

“Lotto Texas has been quite on a run this year and now our players will have a shot to play for the game’s largest jackpot prize in more than a decade”, said Gary Grief executive director of the Texas lottery commission. I look forward to congratulating the biggest Lotto Texas winner since 2010. As a growing jackpot tends to generate much excitement we want to remind our players to play responsibly. It only takes one. IT ONLY TAKES ONE TICKET TO WIN

The loyal is rewarded

Cashier Veronica confirmed that the customer winning off the scratch card happens to be a regular customer of the store. “We do sell quite a bit of lottery here. This is the first big-time winner we’ve had come out of the store though” says Tom Holyfield, the owner. “We don’t know who actually received the winning ticket. But from what I was told it was one of our customers who come in quite often” confirming loyal got rewarded. The customer hasn’t returned after the victory confirms store staff.

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