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August 26 ,Milwaukee Bucks ended playoff against Orlando Magic as protest for BLM

Milwaukee Buck boycotted Game 5 against the Orland Magic, as they are protesting against the police brutality in their state.

The playoff game was scheduled at 4 P.M., at Advent health Arena on Wednesday between Milwaukee Buck and Orlando Magic.

But the players of the Milwaukee Bucks, as well as Orlando Magic, didn’t come on the courts for the playoff at Game 5. This has happened the first time in NBA history, that any team has taken such a drastic step towards justice for the black people.

Several other teams have also planned to boycott the games, to protest against the Police unauthorized actions towards black people in their state.

NBA announced that it would postpone other games also that were to be played on Wednesday. The three games that were scheduled to play against Orlando Magic are:-

  1. Buck VS. Magic
  2. Houston Racket VS. Oklahoma City Thunder
  3. Los Angeles Lakers VS. Portland Trail Blazers

All these games have been postponed as per the statement given by the NBA and the National Basketball Players Association and will be rescheduled later.

Reason for the protest

Jacob Blake was brutally killed by the police officer Rustin Sheskey seven times at the back with four shots hitting Blake on August 23, 2020. Currently, Blake is paralyzed from the waist down as per the reports. Blake was involved in protest regarding “Black Lives Matter”.

I refer to this injustice incident, Milwaukee Bucka is protesting against police brutality with Black people.

People supporting Milwaukee Bucks for the protest around the match

Marc Larry, Milwaukee Bucks owner told CNB,”I fully support what the team is doing and I I’m going  to do whatever I can to help them and get their message out to try and bring about change”.

Steve Ballmer, former Microsoft CEO and Cilppery owner tweeted,” Now it’s the time to workout at bipartisan national police reopen”

Barack Obama, former President of the USA has also appreciated the step taken by the Bucks, the NBA, WNBA, and the coaches River for setting out an example.

This was a peaceful protest with no harm, and showing their disagreement with the police actions towards the Jacob Black and other black people also. Everyone should be treated equally irrespective of their color,  religion etc. Black lives matter is a movement going around the USA and the whole country’s world is supporting Black people and speaking up against their injustice by the government authorities, now if someone is shot because they are fighting for their rights will not be justified.