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Are Joyner Lucas and Ashanti dating? Latest collaboration in “Fall Slowly” music video

Joyner Lucas and Ashanti, two big-shot names in the hip-hop and R&B industry, have collaborated and come together with a new music video named Fall Slowly. Their sizzling chemistry in the video might have possibly raised certain questions in the viewers’ minds.

About the music video

According to the story, Joyner Lucas and Ashanti portray characters who share an on-again-off-again relationship and always find their way back to each other. Throughout the video, they are going through different stages in their relationship – some dreamy, and some violent. The couple shares some tender on-screen kisses, which make the fans wonder about the status of their relationship in reality.

As the video moves along, they argue and fight in the car and a few seconds later, there is a scene where Ashanti sees some text messages she wasn’t supposed to see. That leads to a heated argument between the two. After the relationship has completely blown over, Ashanti finds out that she is pregnant with Joyner’s child. In the last scene, Joyner is fighting with Ashanti and tries to hurt her. At that moment, the police come and arrest him for domestic violence.

Interpreting Ashanti and Joyner’s relationship

The intimacy shown between the two celebrities in the video seemed unnatural and increased suspicion amongst several fans and media personnel. Many fans took to twitter and most of the common tweets read, “Either they are together in real life, or are really good actors.” Viewers are convinced that something is going on there and the lyrics of the song fan the flames all-the-more!

So, what is the real deal?

In 2020, many celebrities have announced their pregnancies and other important events through music videos. So, if this music video indicated the subtle announcement of their relationship, Joyner and Ashanti have nothing to worry about.

Ashanti was previously involved with rapper Nelly for 10 years, but the couple split up in 2013. At the launch of PrettyLittleThing x Ashanti swim collaboration in 2019, she hinted at possibly being involved with someone new, but she wouldn’t reveal the person’s name.

About the rumors regarding Ashanti and Joyner’s relationship, nothing has been confirmed as of now. The couple is yet to comment on it. For now, they are just two artists who are extremely dedicated to their work.

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