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Twitter says,an account of Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been hacked

Twitter announced on Thursday that Narendra Modi’s account linked with a personal website has been hacked. Cybersecurity firm Cybele reported that a hacking group identifying themselves as ‘John Wick’ “was able to gain unrestricted access to entire databases” of PayTM mall. The giant app says they’re taking intensive measures to retrieve the compromised account @narendramodi_in. Twitter is actively investigating the matter after a series of posts was released from the account. The post was released at 3 am asking followers to contribute through cryptocurrency to the PM National relief fund.


The hackers responded from the Email address that was left in post hack post “There is no other intention to hack this account. Recently fake news of our name saying Paytm mall was hacked by us. So we have sent E-mail to all news publishers in India IT’S NOT US, but no one replied, so we decided to post something.” The hackers did not respond to how they carried out the hack and whether it was a compromise. But, identifiers seeing the screenshot propose that the use of a tool titled ‘narendra_moditweets_apps’ was done.

The hacker said that this wasn’t done through Twitter account but by breaking into the website “Yes 100% not secured!” said the hacker when asked if they exploited API. API allows people to send and access twitter account without using ” They have to increase security and invest in people like us” hacker stated.


The last tweet from the account was a quote of PM Modi from his monthly radio program ‘Mann ki Baat’ on 31 August.
PM Modi’s twitter account which was untouched by this incident has 61 M followers. The compromised account is @narendramodi_in, the account has 2.5 M followers after being formed in May 2011


The current incident has followed the series of hacks the accounts of prominent personalities saw. Hackers back then acquired Twitter’s internal networks to expropriate legit accounts. Accounts of various Celebeutante such as Former US President Barack Obama, Elon Musk, Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates, and Joe Biden, the US Presidential candidate. The motive however was to solicit cryptocurrency.

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