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105 year old survivor of Tulsa race massacre files sweeping lawsuit

Blaming America for its one of the ”worst acts of domestic terrorism”, survivors of the TULSA RACE MASSACRE of 1921, filed a lawsuit against the city, county, and the other authorities. Plaintiffs including 105-year-old Lessie E. Benningfield Randle( Oldest Plaintiff and still lives in the same area) claimed all her long-pending overdue which was followed by the infamous attack of white mobs on the North Tulsa neighborhood which was the home to middle-class Black Residents and the place was popularly known as the Black Wall Street.

The distressing history of the event says it all

The series of horrific events began on May 31, 1921, and lasted till June 1, 1921. In the brutal and heart-wrenching attack thousands of African- American were robbed, looted, and killed in fires, They aftermath still brings tremors and pain to Mother Randle (The house of the grandmother of E.Randle was viciously looted and the RANDLE  was left in severe physical and emotional depression, as further stated-The grandmother still experiences all the fears of piled-up bodies on the streets and watching her beloved neighborhood to burn, reliving her dreadful past again and again.) says the lawyer of the Plaintiff-Damario Solomon-Simmons.

As the history of the incident speaks for the brutal circumstances that occurred those days-A 35 BLOCK area was leveled up by the white mob, ferociously that resulted in the killing of Hundreds of black people and leaving innumerable to be homeless The brutal and disturbing chapter came again into limelight when-

Earlier this summer a rally of President Donald Trump was organized in Tulsa. Archeologists were also searching for the graves of the deceased of the brutal event in the place.

The lawsuit claims the residents of TULSA were never been able to come out of the memories of the horrific series events of 1921. The lawsuit is filed against- the city, county, the Tulsa Regional Chamber of Commerce, the Tulsa Development Authority, the Tulsa Metropolitan Area Planning Commission, Sheriff Vic Regalado, and the Oklahoma National Guard.

Tussle begins after the filing of Lawsuit

The damages are not asked in the form of Dollars by Plaintiffs but in the form of-  Descriptive accounting of the property and wealth lost or stolen in the massacre, construction of a hospital and trauma center in north Tulsa, and the creation of a Tulsa Massacre Victims Compensation Fund.

National Guard spokesman Lt. Col. Geoffrey J. Legler stated- Handful of Guardsmen protected the Tulsa armory and the weapons inside from more than 300 rioters.” resulting in the reduction of the number of deaths in the days following the riots, Oklahoma Guardsmen restored order to the area and prevented further attacks by both black and white Tulsans.

But the plaintiffs say that the ”Guard was not a force of peace and instead “participated with and provided tactical and logistical support to the angry white mob. The National Guard did not act to quell the violence, rather they supported the police and joined the angry mob, which resulted in the loss of thousands of lives of people and leading many other homeless.

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