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Mass Murderer Khmer Rough prison Commander Duch dies at age of 77

Commander Khmer Rough who was honored as “Comrade Duch”  moved to rest in peace on Wednesday at the age of 77. He was Pol Pot’s premier executioner and security chief who superintend the mass murder of almost 14,000 Cambodians at the Tuol Sleng prison.

Yet no details disclosed of his death but a spokesperson mentioned, “Duch died this morning at 00:52 am, on 2 September at Khmer Soviet Friendship Hospital. Details of what he died of, I can’t tell”.

Who was Comrade Duch- 

Professionally he was a teacher but later he came up with the communist party and in 1975, he was designated as the director of Tuol Sleng.

For his role “Comrade Duch” was the first to be the member of the Khmer Rough Leadership to face the trial within a regime for million deaths in “Killing Fields”.

A U.N. tribunal found Duch culprit for the murder of mass, torture, and crimes violating humanity measures at Tuol Sleng prison in 2010.

Two years later he also gave a life sentence after his appeal for being just a junior official who was following orders only but the appeal got rejected.

The guards, who were often teenagers, pressurized the prisoners to pen detailed acknowledgment of all such things they were criminated and embroil friends and family who were then jailed in turn.

Those who found survival after the torture was ultimately taken to the “killing fields” at Choeung Ek where they were killed.

What people say-

One man told Reuters news agency,

“If he stayed alive then we may still hear more of the history from him for the younger generation and people,” 

Another resident there said with harsh words that she would never forget his crimes. “He deserves to serve more prison terms. But now he has died, I can forgive him and his case is finished.”

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