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Another set of weekly payments of $300 has been sent to unemployed workers in Louisiana

The Lost Wages Assistance Program

The federal government has designated a $300 payment for the redundant workers on Tuesday, as informed by a spokesperson for the Louisiana Workforce Commission. The wage assistance is for unemployed people, partially unemployed, or unable to or unavailable due to disruptions caused by Coronavirus. President Trump signed an executive measure after establishing the Lost Wages Assistance Program. The program works for the welfare of workers who are unemployed due to Coronavirus. The aid comes after a 600 $ a week federal subsidy implemented by Congress early in the recession. It had been in action for 4 months from April to the close of July. The program offers $300 a week and the states can prepend $100 but very few of the states did.

The states Ten states in addition to the District of Columbia haven’t secured Federal approval to offer redundant workers $300 a week in benefits. 40 states have approved. Inclusive of Minnesota, Hawaii, and Florida. Montana is paying $400 a week. While Arizona, Louisiana, Missouri, Tennessee, and Texas are first to give $300 per week. South Dakota has not applied.

Lousiana The state is sending out $247 separate from weekly payment. Jobless workers need to receive a $100 unemployment benefit to qualify for a temporary $300 weekly. There are people like Clay Addison, who was working 9 years for Oil services company out of Bossier City and was asked to leave in February. The family consists of 4 children, a wife who is a registered nurse, and parents to take care of. They had to quarantine for 28 days after catching the virus. Clay who never took unemployment wages, says ‘It’s a lifeline’. Not so long ago, Louisiana has witnessed its series of events, after being struck with Hurricane Laura. The state’s Workforce and management are trying to somehow reap benefits for the affected.

Approvals for Lost Wage Assistance

To provide workers with the Lost Wage Assistance benefit, it is crucial to apply to the federal government.
“We are only able to pay funds once we have been approved and received them from FEMA”, spoke AJ Sabine, spokesperson for LWC. Trump’s Directive stated $400 a week benefits splitting the difference between democrats and republicans. But most of the states are paying $300. While Louisiana and Mississipi paid $200 a week. The payment reaches within 24-48 hours of dispatching. However, most payments would reach by September.

The fund had about $74 billion at the beginning of the August, the Congress will assign more funds by October start, the Government’s new fiscal year.

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