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A$AP Ferg has been removed from A$AP Mob, confirmed by founding group member .

A$AP Ferg is no longer the part of A$AP mob anymore. Everything is not fine between A$AP Ferg and mob
A$AP mob has charged Ferg with the allegation of stealing the idea of a crew member.

What is A$AP?

A$AP is actually an American hip hop collective formed in 2006 in New York. A$AP collective includes New york based rappers, record producers, music video directors, and fashion designers.
The member of Asap mob are
• A$AP ant
• A$AP bari
• A$AP Illz
• A$AP Josh
• A$AP lotto
• A$AP loud
• A$AP nast
• A$AP P on the boards
• A$AP reli
• A$AP rocky
• A$AP twelvyy
• A$AP tv beast
• A$AP try

Asap Ferg joined the asap mob in 2008.

Why A$AP is being removed from the A$AP?

A$AP Ferg is removed from the Asap mob because A$AP lllz, who is the founding member of the mob has accused Ferg of stealing ideas from his crew member and claimed his affiliation with the Mob was other.

Well, this is a serious allegation that has been put on Ferg.

It seems like the downfall of Ferg.
Illz has also mentioned about this incident on his Instagram stories in which Illz revealed about the ongoing quarrel between Ferg and A$AP.

But still, Ferg has not yet spilled the beans on this matter, he has not yet changed his name nor denounce his membership with the mob.

Social media limelight

This story is spread like a fire on Twitter and Instagram, Ferg being removed from the mob. Several members of A$AP mob have confirmed the rumor of Ferg being removed from the mob on their IG stories and defaming Ferg.

Illz shared “Ferg ain’t ASAP NO MORE sorry guys,”

While on the other hand, Ferg is getting support from his fan on Twitter. Most people are in favor of Ferg.

They are with Ferg even, if he broke ties with the Mob.

Who is telling the truth, who is hiding only God knows. But it’s s shock for Ferg fan to see him removed from the group in he had given a lot of blockbuster hits. Ferg has not spoken about this incident till yet, we are waiting when he will open up on this matter.

All that people need is a good artist, whether he is associated with a group or not. Talent can’t be hidden.