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Recently Facebook threatens to block news distribution in Australia

Facebook users in Australia may soon be blocked from showing news.There is a huge fight going between publishers and online platforms due to financial arrangements between the two.

What’s the issue?

The Australian government has prepared a new law which is forcing facebook to pay for the articles that it publishes on it’s platform.

Australian government wants that tech giants like Facebook and google to pay  for the content reposted from news outlets.

This will cause Facebook and google a loss of revenue if they agreed on it.

Instagram will also be deprived of it,as it is associated with Facebook.

Contrary to this law, Facebook has given orders that they will block news sharing feature in Australia, if the government didn’t take back their legislation .This has created a huge quarrel between tech firms and regulators.

Why Australia levies this legislation?

The reason for this is” lost revenue”said by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC). It has drawn up this rule to “level the playing field”,between tech giant and publishers.

ACCC has responded to facebook threat by saying,”ill time and misconceived”.

The new rule would force digital giant like Facebook and google to give news outlets a bigger cut of digital revenue.

Facebook and Google respond to the legislation

Both Facebook and google are not in the favour of this legislation.

Google warned its users that its search services could be “dramatically worse” as a result.

Facebook head of global news partnership,Campbell Brown said that ,”we proposed of our versions of something workable… Unfortunately, there are so many things in this proposed legislation that are untenable”.

It is clearly seen that giant tech publishers doesn’t support this legislation and they both will take step if this legislation will become order.

Result,if Facebook and Google won’t follow the orders.

If Facebook and Google deprives the feature it will also be a setback for them.

Google and Facebook are both giant tech platforms.Both are widely used by the people of the world.

If they take this drastic step it will affect their reputations too.

What if the other country also follow the suit?

It will have a bad affect on both company.

All these fights and quarrels will effect the citizen of Australia who will be deprived to features on Facebook, Instagram and Google, and will face digital downfall.We hope that both the parties take a sensible decision that will be beneficial for both.