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Surprise! Actress Niecy Nash announces wedding to Singer Jessica Betts

Performer Niecy Nash stunned fans on Monday when she detailed an unforeseen wedding to vocalist Jessica Betts. Nash, 50, posted a photo with her woman to Instagram and Twitter with a caption sharing her new married named, “Mrs. Psalm Denise Betts” and the hashtag #LoveWins.”

In the photo, the merry couple, both sporting white, ecstatically fasten hands at an outside wedding capacity. Nash wore a white trim outfit, while Betts wearing a cream suit with no coat. The marriage statement furthermore filled in as a way for Nash to come out to fans straightforwardly. The performer, known for her employments on the TV programs Reno 911 and Claws, introduced another photo on her Instagram story communicating “#PlotTwist” with the rainbow emoji.

Niecy Nash announces wedding to Singer Jessica Betts

The couple had stayed quiet about their relationship, and the disclosure of the function likewise filled in as a coming out for Nash, who had not freely been involved with a lady previously.

Betts sang the tune with Nash on the arrangement of “Hooks,” where the vocalist had a job during the Season 2 finale. In one of Betts’ Instagram posts from 2018, Nash wears a wedding dress for her outfit as Betts goes with her on the guitar. Nash was as yet hitched to Tucker at that point, whom she marry in 2011. In a joint articulation, the star declared the couple’s division in October 2019.

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