Mekhi Phifer reflects on being the boy in Brandy and Monica’s ‘The Boy Is Mine’ music video

A journey down the memory lane. 

Mekhi Phifer had a journey down the memory lane while he was sharing the various experiences he had while being the ‘boy’ in the then hit track ” The boy is mine”. It’s been 22 years since the song got released and became a chartbuster. The song featured Brandy and Monica and the titular boy in the music video was Mekhi Phifer.

Once again after a long span of time now the two girls are facing off again in today’s Verzuz battle. On this occasion, actor Mekhi Phifer took a ride through the memory lanes and shared a number of experiences. Well it’s quite clear that the singers shared an acrimonious relationship that played out in the media and gathered a lot of attention from viewers, a lot of fan battles also took place in the past. Although Monica ridiculed the news by calling it just a brilliant marketing skill.

Phifer views on some past experiences

The actor shared his thoughts about the infamous feud and also told that he was on a neutral side things were not that awkward as they were projected. He also said that he is damn excited to show massive support to the ladies during their reunion performance.

Although the music video ends ambiguously leaving the audience with the question mark that if either woman gets the boy or not. When asked about the similarities between the actor himself and the ‘boy’ in the song. The actor answered in a very smart way by saying that the song was made in the 1998 when he was just 22 or 23. At that age everybody is involved in a lot of activities. We date a lot of people, they come and go but with passing time when one becomes mature enough everybody seeks for a perfect one that fits in with you. The search might be long but eventually ends up with a permanent one settling with you completely.

He’s a matured family man now who shares almost no similarities with the young boy he used to be then. The actor gave a very candid interview bringing in that ‘aww’ moment.

Well so these were the thoughts that the actor shared and he’s going to support the two ladies, are you gonna join ? Catch the amazing face off between Brandy and Monica on the Versus Instagram Page on 8 p.m.

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