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LASD Deputies shoot, kill Man during fight in South Los Angeles

A black man was killed by LAPD deputies, in the offense of vehicle code violation. This incident happened near West 109 place, Budlong Avenue, Los Angeles.

Description about the shooting

It was reported that the deputies tried to stop the man from riding his bike for code violations.The kan immediately dropped his bike and started running.

The officer LT.Brandon Dean said, “our suspect was holding some items of clothes in his hands. He punched on of the officers in the face and then dropped the items in his hands”. The deputy got the glimpse of black semiautomatic handgun inside the clothing item.

In the heat of the moment, the deputy shot the man and he died on spot. No deputy wreck injured during this incident, department confirmed. It was around 3:15 in afternoon when this happened.

Details about the man who was shot

The man killed in this incident is Dijon kizzee, he was 29 years old.

A woman identify herself as his aunt said that the man was going through a rough patch as his mother died recently. She advice him to stay calm.

Another woman, who is said to be eyewitness said, she knew the man and saw the whole incident.She didn’t want to disclose her identity.

The whole incident got captured via cell phone. In the video it is seen that the man was running from the deputy and got shot by the deputy.

Investigation of the officers involved in shooting

It is not clear till yet that how many times the black man was shot and where was he shot.

The investigation is s going on about the incident. Deputies were not wearing body cameras so it has restarted the investigation, if the camera were there it could have provide aid to the investigation.

The deputies involved in the shooting are all investigated determine if the shooting was legally justified or not.

The district Attorney’s office and the coroner’s office, sherriff own Internal Affairs Bureau and the inspector general includes the investigating agencies.


Several people have gathered peacefully on Monday night, near the area where shooting happened. The people have come from across the city of Los Angeles to show their moan for the black man and question the deputy department.

This incident news spread across the Los Angeles. And the people are questioning the Department.The man killed in this incident was a black, so it’s creating more controversy. Already several protest are going across the country for the black people and now this shooting incident has awakened the more people about the injustice to black people.

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