Coach John Thompson Was Basketball Giant, and Courage Personified

Coach John Thompson was a great coach and truly an inspiring character. He was a man of true courage and conviction. He was a true giant on and off of the floor. John Thompson’s teams mirrored their coach’s own fearlessness, and his impact on college basketball endures 20+ years after he hung up the whistle.

His death was announced by family members released through Georgetown. The statement did not say where he died or cite a cause, he died at his home in Arlington, having experienced multiple health problems.

Achievements of John Thompson

John Thompson was the first African-American head coach and also won the major collegiate championship in 1984 in basketball. He won around 600 games which includes NCAA Final Fours. He played as a player in 1964-1966 (Boston) Celtics and worked as coach in 1996-1972 (St. Anthony HS) and 1972-1999(Georgetown). Awards won by him: NCAA championship in 1984. Henry championship in 1982.Coach of the year in 1987 .He played two seasons in the National Basketball Association (NBA) and won both of them. After his retirement he also worked as a commentator on television and radio.

Reaction of the sport World

Coach Thompson was truly a great man and a legend in college basketball. He had such a profound impact on his players and was a father figure to so many of them. I admired him and loved him dearly.” — Charlotte Hornets owner and NBA great Michael Jordan in a tweet. There are various tweets by the sports industry where they all have expressed their grief on the death of John Thompson. Allen Iverson also tweeted and thanked the coach for saving his life.

He was an inspiration to many new sports enthusiasts. He took the game to the next level. He was incredibly strong person who always put his players first. He taught Black kids to believe that they were valuable and stood with them in every obstacle. He was also known for advocating greater opportunities for Black athletes to obtain college degrees. He was the mentor and teacher to many youngsters and they learnt a lot from him. He was a hero and will be remembered.

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