Cleveland Indians getting criticism for Mike Clevinger trade

Cleveland Indians is facing a bulk of criticism on social media after trading Mike Clevinger to the San Diego Padres on Monday. During 2020 MLB trade deadline on Monday, the massive deal of the day was done by Cleveland Indians with sending Pitcher Mike Clevinger, Outfielder Greg Allen, and one more player to San Diego in exchange of 6 players.

where the Clevinger have been a centralising player to some, many people are now coming to social media to propose that Indians got the worse end of Blockbuster deal on Monday.

Who says what-

Yahoo sports’ Chris Cwik wrote,

“Cleveland really messed up a core of Kluber, Bauer, Clevinger, Bieber, Lindor, and Jose Remirez”.

He added, “Decided it was better to sell parts with 2 top ten hitters and 3 top fifteen pitchers. If you are not going to supplement that? How can you ever win at all?”

“I will tell you how ! Teams like Cleveland are hoping to luck into a would series title with a perfect season where all their prospects hit and they make a marginal upgrade or two that pays off big.They win, then they turn around and deal everyone expensive and start it all over”.

Longtime baseball writer Joe Sheehan criticize him a step more, commenting that Cleveland’s  decision to deal Clevinger was evidence of larger problem for Indians Organisation.

He said,

“I know some people really like Arias, but to me, the Indians traded Clevinger for six guys who will never have a four win season in majors. They need to be the next MLB team to be sold. What Dolan has done with a core that was a run from a world series win in 2016 sucks”.

Jacob Krantz twitted,

“The @Indians have traded Bauer, Kluber and Clevinger in just over a years passing time and pitching is still what their best at”.

Coach Drew wrote,

“I would have been fine with the Clevinger trade if they would have traded for another bat. Only Indians can be in 1st place and be sellers at the deadline”.

What You think-

Plenty of criticism is going to Cleveland Indians for trading Clevinger. what you people think over such trading. comment your opinion too.

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