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Is Secrets in the Woods True Story? Lifetime Filming

Portraying incidents of life in movies. 

Very often it happens that we witness some real life incidents on the big screen. The stories of the some real characters are portrayed by few reel actors. The virtual screen throws light on the real world around us. Whether it’s bollywood or hollywood, the trend of making realistic movies has grown with each passing time. The interest of the masses has shifted from typical ‘masala’ movies to some great stories with a realistic approach. Numerous stories of some massive personalities and unsung warriors have been chosen as a movie plot. These movies help us in gaining more knowledge about the eminent people and also helps us in getting introduced to the unsung heroes who are not so eminent. Movies make an effort to make the drawbacks of the orthodox societies visible, who are still a prey of old backward thinking.  Subjects like women empowerment, equality, female foeticide, sexual harassment and molestation are given a portrayal in the movies and the abolition of these major threats to the society is given huge importance. Such movies not only provide a complete new and wider perspective to the viewers but also helps in strengthening humanity and the society as well.

Another real story in the disguise of reel? 

Lifetime network often makes movies based on true crime stories. Now the channel has come up with a latest content namely  “Secrets in the woods”. It’s a story about a girl who gets stuck in a cabin after falling in the trap of a davious man with sinister intentions. The protagonist of the story is Sandra played by Brittany Underwood. The story signifies that woods can indeed be a dangerous place. On looking the track record of Lifetime network, strong rumours are circulating that is  ‘Secrets of the woods’ based on a real life story. Though it appears to be a work of fiction but you never know. However the story delivers a strong message of how a man’s fragile ego disrupts a girl’s life and end up having several evil and davious intentions. It shows how a girl gets trap into the severe and dangerous plans of an evil man. The plot is quite strong and is also capable of engaging the audience. It is a must watch for every suspense-thriller lover.

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