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3 Year Old Taiwan Girl Lifts Metres in The Air With a Kite

A terrifying kite accident happened in Taiwan Kite festival. A 3 year old girl was seen lifted high by a white giant long tailed orange kite. The international kite festival was held in Hsinchu in northern Taiwan.

Details about the incident

The kite festival was happening on sunday 30 August in the seaside town of Nanliamo where a 3 years old girl got stuck with the kite tail and lifted high in the air. The crowd got horrified and started screaming. The girl got twisted and turned several times in the air.

The organizers were preparing the kite to flew  in the air, the kite got  released with the toddler on the tail. It was a gusty weather already.

The video went viral on social media where it can been that the girl was in the air for 30 seconds.

The little girl was taking part in Taiwan Kite Festival with her mother to celebrate the occasion, but they had no idea what will happened there.

Escaped of the toddler

When the girl got stuck with the kite in the air several people started filming it shamelessly. But some responsible people present there took the situation in their hand and tried to save the little girl. The crowd struggled to pull back the Kite to the ground, then the wind got slowed and kite was pulled down and the girl got saved by the people .

The little girl was rushed to the hospital with her mother and staffers, the doctor said that she got minor injury, abrasions on her neck. Now the toddler is discharged and send home to her family.

Thankfully, the girl didn’t got any major injuries in this incident but she is frightened badly by this horrifying incident that happened to her.

It is still unclear how to this accident happened in the Kite festival, how close was the girl standing to the kite, how she got stuck with it, is still a mystery.


Festival’s are celebrated for fun and with full enthusiasm.Parents as well as children get involved with the festivities. But we should always be careful with the festivities. Parents also need to keep an eye on their children and see that they are safe and sound. So that our happy occasions doesn’t get turned into a horrified incident.

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