Stargate Universe Season 3: Coming Or Cancelled ? Know Here

What is Stargate Universe-

Stargate universe is one of the most trendy Web series. It is universally loved among people on account of its fascinating storyline. A very long time has been spent waiting after the second season of this series released on SYFY.

After the foregoing ending on a major Cliffhanger, fans are eagerly waiting to know whether the season 3 is on the near to release or not. So, go through the article for the updates of this awaiting season the Stargate Universe.

Outline Of The Series

This web series is a Military Sci-fi show aerated by Syfy in 2010 modeled by Brad Wright and Robert C. Cooper.  Production of this series was done by Carl Blinder.

The recital is all about soldiers and common people who are caught up in a spaceship and are scuffling there for their survival and desire to get back to their home, the Blue Planet Earth.

The Stars of this series are Robert Carlye playing the role of Nicholas Rush, Louis Ferreiza as Everett Youngrole of Chloe Armstrong is performed by Brain J. Smith, David Blue is performing the character of Eli Wallace and many others characters…

The plot of the second season laid with the discovery of an Old Gateway which opens a wormhole.

Season 3 Is On Card Or Not-

Season second was ended on a Cliffhanger and some curious questions are still left unanswered there. Now all the fans of the show are eagerly waiting and anticipating for third season to aired.

Unfortunately, the suspense dropped by second season will not be answered for it’s viewers. Dejectedly the third  season of the show is not revived by the production and Syfy decided to cancel the series.

Why It Came To End-

Where the fans of this Franchise go for Stargate Universe’s anxious note, it was challenging with ratings. Throughout the season, there was a decline in the viewers resulted in a volte-face of time slot in second season.

Syfy announced that they would not be picking up the show to get a season and it unfortunately led to an end of the Stargate Universe show.

So, at the end with heavy heart we have to notify all the fans and viewers of Stargate Universe that it will not come back to entertain for its 3rd season on Syfy.

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