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Biden says he won’t use military as ‘prop’ & aiming at Trump

As the presidential elections are approaching, The race towards the White House is getting more interesting, amid various political statements during this election time, a new statement from Joe Biden on Saturday ignited the talks of Misuse of powers by President Trump once more.

Joe Biden stated on Saturday that as president, he would never use the military “as a prop or private militia” and accused President Donald Trump of employing US forces to settle “personal vendettas” and violate citizens’ rights. Joe being the Democratic Presidential Nominee stated this, while he was virtually addressing the National Guards  Association of The United States General Conference. Trump recommended, “that you should be deployed to quote, ‘dominate,’ your fellow citizens for exercising their right to peacefully protest.”

“We’re so much better than this,” Biden said. “You deserve so much better.”

The reason behind the conflict

His pronouncement came after when Gen. Mark Milley, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, stated – That the armed forces will have no role in carrying out the election process or resolving a disputed vote.  It articulated and heightened the rising tensions on both sides as the president has declared without evidence that the expected surge in mail-in ballots during the coronavirus pandemic will make the vote “inaccurate and fraudulent.” Trump has also suggested he might not accept the election results if he loses.

Biden has said he’s “absolutely convinced” the military would escort Trump from the White House if the incumbent lost but refused to leave.

Biden’s remark on the statement of President Trump

While addressing the conference, Biden didn’t repeat his assertions but stated- his promise to restore the separation between civilian and military powers which he called “the bedrock principle of the American republic.”

“It’s been tested lately, but I promise you, as president, I’ll never put you in the middle of politics or personal vendettas,” the former vice president. “I’ll never use the military as a prop or as a private militia to violate the rights of fellow citizens. That’s not law and order.”-Said Biden


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