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Michael Jackson’s 62nd Birthday Celebrated By His Siblings

Michael Jackson, ‘The King Of Pop‘ if were alive today, he would have been celebrating his 62nd birth anniversary on Saturday, 29 August.  But his siblings and his family are keeping him lively on the special day of him.

Janet Jackson, La Toya Jackson and Tito Jackson all went to Social media on MJ’s Birthday to share memories of their brother and share their warm wishes and love for him.

Michael Jackson-‘The king of Pop’ –

Michael Jackson is considered as ‘The King Of Pop’ and one of the most symbolic pop figure of the twentieth century.

His music and style has attracted many artists of various genres and his benefaction to music, dance and fashion together with his personal life made him a global figure with millions of fans and followers.

Hurting And Breaking Moment For His Fans-

The most shocking and heart-breaking day for MJ fans was June 25, 2009 when their Role Model of Moon Walk was passed away because of Cardiac arrest at his mansion in Los Angeles. He died from an overdose of Propofol advised by his personal physician.

Jackson’s death set off millions of reactions around the world. Specials about Jackson vent on multiple Television and and media stations globally.

Siblings’ Love And Wishes For Him-

Sharing a post on Instagram, Janet wrote,

“I Miss U Big Bro” added with kissing face emoji.

La Toya shared a vintage photo of Michael Jackson with the caption,

“A Big Happy Birthday To The Greatest Entertainer Of All Times”.

She added hashtags and the phrases describing her brother, “King Of Pop”… “MJ4EVER”… “RIPMJ”… “Sending Love And Light”.

Tito posted a photo of Michael Jackson and wished him,

Happy Birthday MJ ! “.

MJ Is Still Alive-

Michael Jackson not only made him a global figure or a worldwide celebrity but he is an ideal for many  of the artists  and a Legend for the dancers. He made himself a Trend, Style and a dance form, which today is known as “MJ Style”.

He Was, he is, and he will remain as “The God Of Moon Walk” and “The King of Pop’ and will remain always alive.

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