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Man Shot and Killed on 405 Freeway Shooting Accident in Seal beach.

Is the pandemic also taking the humanity away?

The tough times are continuing from a long time and unfortunately, still nobody knows when we are actually going to get out normal lifestyles back. When we are going to be free from the fear of COVID? When are these masks and sanitisers going to leave us? When we are finally going to set ourselves free from this ‘new normal’? When will the acceleration mode of COVID cases and deaths come to rest? When this pandemic is going to end completely? Questions are present in ample amounts, but the answers are yet to be find. During such global crisis humanity remains the only support that one man can provide to another. But the question that upsets everyone is that where’s the humanity going? How can taking somebody’s life not be a matter of concern or guilt?  How can a human heart be so cruel?

An incident in California, raising questions on humanity. 

A man was shot and killed on the northbound 405 Freeway in Seal Beach on Saturday evening. The incident was reported around 6 p.m. on the 405 Freeway, the California highway patrol informed. The man was confirmed to be in his 20s by the CHP. The body of the individual was discovered inside a blue sedan with at least one gunshot.

After the victim was shot, his car bumped into another vehicle before coming to a stationary position along the center divider, said the officials. The shooter has not been identified, a constant search for a  white Mercedes 500 or S550 is going on vigorously. All the lanes in northbound of the 405 Freeway and the Seal Beach Boulevard on-ramp are shut down for an unknown duration. After the crash, several vehicles were stuck for a very long period. A video has been recorded in the CCTV and proper investigation is being carried out. Anyone with the information about the culprit or shooting incident is asked to contact CHP.

Humanity shall conquer all! 

Life is not a joke and taking someone’s life is a heinous crime. The culprit needs to be punished for restoring the faith of people in the judiciary and also for restoring the fear of punishment in the criminals. For the survival of humanity, mutual respect and care towards one another is extremely essential. To help the society grow in a good way, man shall pursue humanity forever.

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