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Standouts from the (virtual) Cobble Hill Fair 2020

The on-going corona virus pandemic forced the traditional Cobble Hill Fair to go virtual this year. Although it was a huge shift for everyone, the number of entries; both quality and quantity-wise, were not less. Each of the competitive categories received so many unique and creative entries that the judges were constantly busy handing out awards.

The Cobble Hill Fair is a platform for kids of all ages from the South Cowichan area to show their creativity. It is the hallmark event of the Shawnigan Cobble Hill Farmers Institute and Agricultural Society (SCHFIAS). This traditional fair began in 1909 and showcases all that is great about living in the South Cowichan area. Every fair is alive with activity and entertainment for the whole family. It is a celebration of their heritage while cultivating their future.

Virtual Cobble Hill Fair 2020

After 110 years, the 111th Cobble Hill Fair was organised online because the tradition had to be kept alive. The theme for this year was “How Green is Our Valley”. The response to the virtual fair was quite overwhelming! Gerry Giles, Robin Brett, Brenda Burch, Cicely McLachlan and Jayne Shaw were the ones who made it possible. Giles admitted to having received an astounding number of entries on the final day of submission; much more than they received in the previous years.

Some of the entries are so mind-blowing that they can be sent to the national fair. An entry that really stands out is one that has been posted under the junior category for seven to twelve-year-old children. It is an Eiffel Tower made from Styrofoam packing peanuts and is definitely a sight to behold. Other marvellous entries include focaccia bread made by a two-and-a-half-year-old, a blueberry pie made by a three-year-old who hand-picked the berries himself, a photograph taken by Brook Lisson of a bee emerging from a flower and many more.

The organizers shared their experience organising the fair online and wish that things go back to normal next year. Some of the entries can be viewed on the Cobble Hill Fair Facebook PageĀ and the winning entries are available onĀ

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