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Masaba Masaba review: Neena Gupta, Masaba gupta’s web series is a reality check

A celebrity’s glamorous lifestyle is always presumed to be an ideal one but not everyone realizes what is the actual deal behind the scenes and how much effort it takes to get there.

The newest arrival in the Netflix originals section, Masaba Masaba, has managed to portray the challenges and struggles of the mother-daughter duo, Neena Gupta and Masaba Gupta, beautifully. The fictional show revolves around Masaba, who is a well-known fashion designer an occasional actor. Every aspect of her life and how she deals with her problems; be it in relationships or work, has been spoken about in certain detail. This series of six episodes is thoroughly dramatic and entertaining with a hint of humorous puns here and there.

Reality behind neena, masaba gupta’s web series 

Many people can relate to Masaba’s character to a great extent. Every emotion and issue highlighted in the show and the way Masaba has dealt with each problem seems super realistic despite being fictional. How Masaba copes with divorce, the way she overcomes her creative block, and how she handles disasters at her show are the highlights of the show.

Even though the show revolves around Masaba, the viewers have a special place for Neena Gupta in their hearts. She is truly the soul of the show. Portrayed as a character struggling to get work, Neena also plays a dedicated mother and wife who manages to keep work and family separate. She is seen supporting Masaba in her times of difficulties. Her struggle to get the lead role in a film at the age of 60 even though she is a National Award-Winning actress is heart-wrenching. One particular scene in the show where a director promises to cast her but fails to do so is a solid reflection of how Bollywood really works. Later in the show, the journey of how she landed a role in Badhai Ho opposite Gajraj Rao is shown as well.

Apart from Masaba and Neena, there is a third character who is very crucial to the series; Instagram! This is the same character that helps Masaba announce her divorce to the world and also saves her fashion show later in the series. The fact that the world today is engrossed deeply into social media has been clearly depicted here. Imagine a world without Instagram, what would that be like?

All in all, the series is a must-watch for all the drama seekers and fashion fanatics. Don’t miss out on the precious bond a mother and her daughter share!

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