Masaba Masaba Reviews: Also has subtle messaging and blockbuster entertainment

The Mother-daughter duo Neena and Masaba Gupta portrays themselves in the Netflix original series Masaba Masaba which premiered on 28 August 2020 for the world to enjoy.

The series created and directed by Sonam Nair, consisting of 6 half an hour episodes beautifully presents Masaba Gupta as Mumbai based fashion designer who shares a bittersweet equation with her real life mother and veteran actress Neena Gupta.

The show revolves around the life of Neena and Masaba Gupta, both of them are public figures and a lot has been written about them.

Being a fashion designer, Masaba life revolves around her label, showcasing her work on social media, whereas Neena’s life revolves around her work, struggling career and her daughter.

The six half an hour episodes take us through Masaba’s dramatic life, her hush hush divorce with her husband played by Satyadeep Mishra, a newly single woman who is in constant pressure from investors for her new clothing line, her socially awkward boss and moving back with her mother. On the other hand Neena is seen struggling to get work even at age of 60 which in Bollywood is only reserved for grannies. Like any mother, Neena is concerned for her daughter’s well-being.

The first two episodes captivates the audience with twists and turns and hope that this is a setting for a complexed and layered story that slowly unfolds.

It is delight to see the mother-daughter duo play themselves with so ease and comfort which is endearing and palpable to watch their chemistry. From the distressed Neena offering paratha to Masaba, to Masaba fashioning her mother in a yellow chiffon saree and backless blouse reflects the strong bond they share, even being under the constant public radar. The authenticity of the relationship is shower in an organic way. With the constant bickering of the Gupta duo, Instagram comes to rescue and brings happiness.

Masaba and Neena Gupta always been quite vocal about their fare share of struggle in their respective career, from Masaba being bullied at school to having insecurities about her skin colour. Neena who went viral with her famous Instagram post asking for work. It shows that she still gets stoked to get calls from Bollywood hotshots and that every artist has a vulnerable side even though she is a veteran actress.

In the supporting cast, actress Rytasha Rathore who plays Masaba BFF is fun to watch, the two friends shares an excellent bond which is exciting. Neil Bhoopalam plays a vital role in this series and no one can complain about his acting skills. Kiara Advani who plays her self obsessed version, Farah Khan who also plays herself but here she wants to lose weight. Gajraj Rao Shibani Dandekar and Mithila Palkar also make small but impactful appearances.

Masaba Masaba manages to take to the viewers by storm by giving them an insight to the world of glamour and the lives of the celebrities hidden behind the so-called picture perfect smile. The show brings out the real fact that the celebrities who are patronised and idealised for their glamour and fame face the insecurities and problems similar to all of us living behind cameras.

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