The Weeknd, Calvin Harris Groove in Futuristic World in ‘Over Now’ Video

‘The Weeknd’ is a Canadian singer, song writer and record producer. In today’s time, Weeknd is considered to be one of the greatest artists of Western music. The main genres of the singer are pop, R&B and alternative R&B. Fans go gaga over him and are always very keen to know about the latest status of Weeknd’s forthcoming and trendy songs. His songs such as starboy; heartless; blinding lights, etc have made people go head over heels. While on the other hand we have the Scottish DJ, singer, record producer and song writer ‘Calvin Harris’. One of the best DJ’s of present times, his singles such as We found love; summer; this is what you came for, etc have become major hits and has been very successful in gathering huge love and fan following for the artist.

Now for the first the entire world is going to witness these two mega pop artists collaborating with each other for the song ‘Over Now’. This announcement left people delighted and too anxious simultaneously. The admirers of both, were eagerly waiting for the song which was scheduled to release before with the ‘After hours’ album but didn’t. So now ultimately the interlude has come to an end and today the song was released, providing the feelings thrill as well as nostalgia to the fans. It’s quite obvious that when ‘the bests’ come together then definitely wonders are forced to happen.

Coming to the video, the artists can be seen grooving to the tunes in a futuristic world providing a wonderful visual experience. With the two biggies coming together the song successfully makes a grand entry in everyone’s playlist. Within hours of it’s release the song has got a huge response and is soon going to be a chartbuster. Fans are loving this collaboration and has welcomed the song with millions of views in just four hours. Calvin’s production and The Weeknd’s vocals has received the title of the ‘deadliest combo’ so far. Weeknd is releasing many of it’s unreleased tracks nowadays and we wish to experience more and more of the artist’s art and get thrilled by the powerful work of one of the huge singers of Western music. Also, this collaboration of these two supremely talented people is going to keep people hooked forever.

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