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Melania Trump’s Expression After Greeting Ivanka Is Breaking The Internet

Melania Trump's Expression After Greeting Ivanka

Melania trump’s odd expression on Ivanka is going viral over the world. This incident happened on the Republican National Convention (RNC) on this Thursday. When the US President Donald Trump addressed his party formally and accepted the party’s members decision of renomination. The buzz got created when Melania trump greeted her stepdaughter, Ivanka trump on stage.

The rivalry between stepmother and daughter is not an old phenomena.

Ivanka is the daughter of Donald Trump from his first spouse and Melania Trump is president’s present wife. Both stepmother and daughter plays a viral role in the White house. Ivanka trump also serves the White house as the adviser, while Melania Trump is the first lady for USA now.

On this Thursday, Ivanka was introducing her father for his acceptance speech and was walking back after completing. As she was going back, Melania Trump first greeters her with the sweet smile, but as Ivanka went, this sweet smile turned into an envy roll. The one moment sweet smile and the other moment eye roll is spreading like a wild fire all over the world.

The heated relationship between the Melania Trump and Ivnaka, is not hidden anymore from the media. It seems like everything is not fine between this mother daughter duo.

Previously, first lady’s best friend, Stephanie Winston has mentioned in an excerpt about the the juicy relationship between the Melania Trump and Ivanka on her forthcoming film. She mention that Melania trump can’t stand Ivanka.

Twitter is flooded with this incident. The video of melania trump rolling rye on Ivanka has gone viral with, over 5 million views. People are retweeting and sharing their views on this incident.

This incident can be a nothing but a lot at a same time. We don’t know the truth behind the camera’s. But what happened in front of thousands people can’t be cover up.

We have heard a lot of stories between stepmother and daughter.Whether it’s ancient time or modern era some relationships doesn’t change.In very few places we get to see a friendly relationship between stepmother and daughter and here, the fact about power and position also comes.

Well all is not well between the First lady and the president’s daughter Ivanka according to sources.Lets see where will this rivalry go, or will it turn into the friendly relationship between the two.