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Hurricane Laura makes landfall in United States

Hurricane Laura makes landfall in United States

The Evil Eye of Hurricane Laura

Hurricane Laura cast its shadow on Southern Louisiana, United States at 1 am Thursday with a wind speed of 65 m.p.h. reaching a stride of 165 m.p.h. at 1 pm. Starting to sound pitter-patter of a tropical depression on Tuesday surfaced as a category 1 storm, peaking to category 2 to fall back. Until Thursday when it reached its final peak of category 4 causing a tremendous amount of resource loss through the collapse of buildings, gas stations, and convenience stores not to mention the stock that was crumpled in piles of dust as landfalls barged doors of Lousiana and some part of Arkansas.

What now proved to be a catastrophic hurricane, had first been fanning its wings like a butterfly on Lake Charles. Playing with the street lights and fiddling with roofs as if they were model toys. As roofs came undone, lamp posts littered over the floor as what may be called by evil ‘confetti’. Leaving the city’s most part uninhabitable for weeks possibly months with power outages. Meanwhile, trees also faced the wrath of wind as they got uprooted and claimed so far 4 precious lives. A 14-year-old girl, an old man, and a man all having lost breath under tree uprooting.

Governor John Bel Edwards had to make some tough calls while evacuating people from a fire that broke near Lake Charles in a chemical plant. With the priority to provide shelter to people by moving in hotels due to the social distancing need in COVID hour. The Governor stated
‘We are doing everything we can to get the situation under control’.
The plant with fire breakout deal with chlorine, which, if inhaled has life-threatening repercussions, about which Interstate 10 has been closed along with suspected Chlorine Cloud emitting from the same.

The rescue team consisting of more than 1500 search and rescue personnel, along with 400 boats and high water vehicles are at beck and call. New Jersey’s Governor Murphy lends a hand by sending Task Force to clean up Laura’s aftermath. 17 teams, so far put their feet in Lake Charles to help. 13 Airports have ceased operations near Louisiana.
No major flooding has been seen as the heavy tropical depression continues to pour.

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