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Alice Johnson praises President Trump’s ‘compassion’ in moving RNC speech

Alice Johnson praises President Trump's 'compassion' in moving RNC speech

Alice Johnson, 65, was sentenced to the life of everyday prison allowing no parole as a first time, non violent offender for being a part in a gigantic cocaine dealing circle. She praised American President Donald Trump for his fellow feeling in an emotional speech at 2020 Republic National Convention for his justice towards her case.

Her journey to being free

After her unsuccessful reconsideration to the Obama-Biden administration to commute her sentence, she spent 22 years in jail. Ahead reality a TV set star Kim Kardashian got interested in circumstances of hers.  Kardashian importune Mr. Trump to make Alice entirely free and in 2018, he officially lessen her sentence.

Equity of Donald John Trump to Alice

in his 2019 condition of the Union deal with, Trump utter about Alice. He stated that he experienced been “empathetic” by knowing her story and outline her as a “terrific woman”.

Johnson commemorate the First Step Act, the Trump backed Bipartisan Criminal Justice Bill which has been passed 6 months later her commutation. According to NBC news the bill given on to release of minimum 3,000 inmates by 2019.

Emotional words of Alice at speech-

Johnson affirm on the final evening of Republican Conference, themed “Land of Greatness”. She started as, ‘I was when told that the way I would be reunited with my family members as a corpse. 

“But by way of the Grace of God and the really like empathy of President Donald John Trump, I stand just before you tonight and I assure you, i am not a ghost, i am alive, i am whole and most importantly, i am not cost,” she continued.

Further she added, “what I did was mistaken, i designed decisions that I regret. The say you do the crime, you do the time. On the other hand that time should be fair and just. We all make blunders, none of us want to be described eternally centered on our worst final decision”.

She explained, “When President Trump read about me and the injustice of my story, he saw me as a person. He experienced compassion”.

She end with-

Alice concluded as,

“I pray that you will not just hear this message, but that you will be inspired by my story, and your compassion will lead you to take action for those who are forgotten”. 

Her victory-

Alice Johnson, the mom-of-six, has now turn out to be a criminal justice advocate and most important the face of the trump administration’s criminal reforms.

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