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Jerry Falwell Jr Resigns from Liberty College

After facing a lot of criticism on posting a photo of himself with unzip trouser on Instagram. Liberty College president Jerry Falwel Jr. had finally resigned after found accused of hypocrisy. The criticism is on the strict code of the college that bans any sexual relations “outside of a biblically ordained marriage”. One of his business partners also claims to have sexual relations with Liberty University head.

Falwell Jr and Libert College Controversy

Liberty College is one of the evangelical colleges in America. Falwell Jr took over the college in 2007 after the death of his father Jerry Falwell. The controversy starts from the day when Falwell posted his photo on Instagram with unzip trousers and a with a woman. As a college follows the tradition of the Christian religion and there are many rules related. This image raised outrage and hypocrisy against him. The college also forbids the associated person to have sexual relationships outside of a biblically ordained marriage. The university finds him guilty in this case. As a result, many people are asking for his resignation which he had already done.

What are the allegations against Falwell Jr

Falwell Jr, Liberty College head who is facing charges after posting a photo on Instagram. Also His business partner Giancarlo Granda revealed that he had a 6-year sexual relationship with him and his wife. As evangelical college rule is that “sexual relations outside of a biblically ordained marriage between a natural-born man and a natural-born woman is not permissible”

Did Falwell Jr, resigned as Liberty College Head?

After posting an arguable photo on social media it is said that Falwell Jr has given his resignation from the post. But now the university official released the statement which says that Mr Falwell Jr had changed his mind. Jerry Falwell Jr, agreed to resign as its President and from its Board of Directors, but following media reports about the resignation, withdrew it.” The news on the Wall Street Journal also says that Falwell has resigned.