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Hurricane Marco hits the land Laura Classified as Category 2

Reports claim that Hurricane Marco had hit the land on the shores of the Mississippi River. The National Hurricane Centre had declared that the Marco is no longer a hurricane now. As there are certain categories and norms to classify it as a hurricane. The officials claim that Marco has lost its speed as it comes near to the coast. Another storm Laura has become dangerous as it already hit Louisiana and Texas. The resident of these places has claimed that this is the strongest storm since 2005’s Hurricane Rita.

Where did Hurricane Marco & Laura Hits

Both are the Tropical Storms and they are expected to be hit the land. the storm Marco had already hit the coast of Lousiana on Monday but there is good news. After the impact, the storm is loosened up and its wind speed has decreased to a minimum. The official claims that it is no longer a storm. It is also said that the storm Laura is not far behind and it going to make its impact. It is expected that until the end of the week it will ht the land. In comparison with Marco it is said that Laura will not loose its strength. The wind speed can reach to the 65mph.

How Dangerous are these storm on Land

As it is stated by the NHC that the Storm Marco is no longer a storm and its speed had decreased to 9mph. Due to tropical depression, Marco is moving to the west with wind speed 35mph. It is expected that at this speed it is of no threat. O the other hand, the government is more concerned about Hurricane Laura as it is not losing its speed and by the weekend it can hit the coast of Texas. As it already brought heavy rainfall and flood in Jamaica, the Cayman Islands and parts of Cuba on Monday.