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North Korea dictator Kim jong-un in coma

Recent claims by one of the Officials of late South Korea’s President about the Kim Jong photos are fake. There is news in the media months ago about Kim Jong-Un is not well. But after some photographs of Kim Jong, in media this news seems to be fake. Kim Jong is a dictator of North Korea who usually makes controversial statements and one of the most tyrant leaders. Now, Chang Song the former aide of late South Korean president claims that the images of Kim Jong in recent media are fake.

Is Kim Jong-Un alive?

After the news of Kim Jong-Un in coma spread in the media, many people raise their questions that either he alive or not. Yes, the North Korean president is alive and recovering from his health issues. He was confirmed to be in a coma a couple of months ago. As being too sick to rule many images of him are coming in media that he has again taken the command. But now the official of South Korea claims that those images are fake. All these speculations are made because after the months also he has not made any public appearance.

Who will take over Kim Jong’s Place?

After the news of Kim Jong-Un is in coma spread, this is a big question in people’s minds. The question is as a dictator who will fill his shoes now to handle the country. It is said that Kim’s sister is supposed to handle all the issues in his absence until he is well.

Is Kim Yo Jong more dangerous than his brother

After the news of Kim Jong in a coma it is said that his sister will fill his shoes. After this Kim Yo Jung emerges as a new face of successor in North Korea. She is considered tougher than Jong-Un in terms of politics and the strategies she implemented.