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Trail Blazers loses to LA lakers in NBA Playoffs

In the NBA match on 24th August between Trail Blazers and Los Angeles Lakers. Blazers lose in the direct playoffs. In the very interesting match between them, Blazers loses by 8 points. This is a crucial match for the blazers as now they have to work very hard in the game.

Where did Blazers lose the match

It is no doubt that the Blazers are a good team and they work very hard. But as always they made a good and solid start, but they eventually failed to lose the momentum. This is the main weakness of the Blazers. On the other hand, we have Lakers who now playing well and fasten their defense in the second half and secure their lead in the first round.

LA Lakers Match Preview

Both LeBron James and Anthony Davis have taken over the match and fasten their match from the start. They both shoot over 60% from the field, with their support the LA Lakers are going to be fine throughout the tournament. Both of them cover the court from both ends and make it hard for the Portland Trail Blazers by playing physical basketball. Their main weakness is that they need to improve their free shoots as they are able to miss 12 attempts of the basket. The rest of the team is still struggling for their performance. Alex Caruso and Kentavious Caldwell-Pope have both made up for themselves after the stunner in Game 1. It is believed that Rajon Rando will return for the next game.

How much did LeBron James Score

In the match as always, LeBron James rule the game and scored very well. He finishes with 38 points which are enough for the Lakers to playout the Blazers. NBA is going to be great this time and many matches are to be played and it will be interesting to see that who will win the match.

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