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Covid-19 Infection among children overshadow the plans to reopen schools

Covid -19, the disease that hit the world so hard millions have died and millions are still affected, the disease which held the power to put the superpower countries into a lockdown, the disease that made millions of people to be locked inside their homes, there is no particular arena where the effect of Covid is not seen many have lost their employment, from industries, health sector, aviation, automobiles sector to education everything is effected with its impact..

Very recent there was a news that proclaimed USA is planning to reopen the schools and they did so, but the sudden increase of Covid cases revelled children are also at a high risk of being affected.In Indonesia where Child death accounted 2.3% of overall Covid death toll included 42% of 59 deaths of children’s who never got the chance to celebrate their first birthday. Although evidences suggests that younger children do not spread the disease easily but still the increase of cases for children could not be treated as a joke by countries because we all are aware they are the most precious asset for any nation.The future of any nation solely depend on upcoming and growing children. Many experts all around the world have suggested to take prerequisite measures and form a administrative planning on how and and when to open schools but the failure of USA model tells in this era of pandemic it will hard to open the schools as such.

The teachers are also concerned about travelling day to day and what if they get Infects, the infection could be passed on to kids as well. Also managing kids is not that easy they won’t understand what is social distancing and what not.While playing or studying what if they come in contact with the other who is a carrier of the disease but symptoms are still not shown by him?? Schools fear to take all accountability and responsibility for the havoc that could be created, this is the reason why schools have opted for online and digital classes through which the education pattern of the children can be maintained as well as they can remain be safe at their own place.

What if colleges don’t reopen until 2021

The other comes the role of government in reality governments can just tell and execute plans for the betterment of citizens to bring things on line ,but governments cannot force every single person to follow rules and regulations ,in regards to school the issue is tough many schools are there which lack proper infrastructure, proper teaching and management authorities as well which makes it hard for them as well as government to keep an eye on everyone.

All these certain conditions makes it critical and difficult to make schools reopen and education to revive the  formal structure, the way it had as earlier because still the pandemic is existing and still the world is on search of vaccine..Playing with the health of children just for the sake of the education can be very fatal for the families and countries at large, risks can be increased because children if gets affects at large parents will also get infected by them, which will again be a big havoc for any country. Till the time medicine and vaccines are released for this deadly virus its better to study online.