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Close to 1 Lakh Children Test Positive for COVID-19 After Schools Reopen in US

Just in final two weeks of July around one lakh children are affected with covid-19 and around twenty five died in that month only. It war earlier assumed that children are less prone to Covid-19 symptoms. According to the reports US president Mr. Donald Trump stated that the cases among children are ‘tiny fraction’ of deaths. He also stated that children are immune to covid-19 but when the results of this reopen came it was painful to see children are suffering like this. According to the report, 97,078 children tested positive for covid-19 between July 16 and July 30, which accounts for a 40 percent increase in the total child Covid-19 cases.

As the government of US could have thought twice before reopening of the schools, this was the bad decision with some prior assumptions in this ongoing pandemic. In the august the schools and other educational institutions have started to open as the cases of covid-19 are also rising. There are various health educators who are already objecting of the reopening of the schools. Many parents are also denying the decision of sending their kids to school. As the situation is worsening but the government is stick towards their decision. Amid lockdown in US situation was worse. The US continues to be the worst affected country in the world.

Due to this pandemic the educational sector has affected the most, the reason behind the reopening of schools in the US but without any proper safety measures, without considering the lives of the children government took this decision. “It’s impossible to imagine that we are not going to pay the price for cramming kids into schools right now,” said Mississippi health officer Dobbs. While the false claim made by Mr. Trump, the second largest teachers association of US said that their 1.7 million teachers were supported if they go on strike, as president claimed that children are immune but not the teachers and the other staff of school. These teachers were guided and given support by various organisations if they are demanding for the proper safety measures and guidelines for the reopen of school.  According to the reports “It doesn’t matter if you open schools in July, like we did, or if you open in August, September or October. All schools are going to have a deal with the issue of positive COVID-19 test results,” said Lee Childress, superintendent of Corinth School District in Mississippi. Also at the Mississippi it was estimated that around 100 children had been quarantined at homes as they had came in contact with their classmates who had infected by coronavirus. According to the California’s rules it was determined that the schools in the city could only be closed if 5% of the school population be infected by the virus. Mississippi rules also stated that the schools may consider dismissal if at least three classrooms had an outbreak of the virus. Federals at US also gave the statement that if only a single outbreak found in the school that will not lead to the closure of the schools. In Indiana it took no time that the virus had appeared in the hallways. Some large school districts like San Diego and Los Angles had decided to teach online amid this pandemic.

This decision had lead to the negative impact on children. Mr. Trump, who had pressured the officials to reopen the schools without thinking of the lives of the students, he had also threatened that he will withhold the funding from those who will not be teaching as a person. Dr. Peter Hotez, who is the dean for the National School of Tropical Medicine in Houston, said that it’s simply not possible to open the schools in this ongoing pandemic. This is necessary to stop the spread of the coronavirus in the major states if the country.

Despite of various health ministries, teachers associations and the renowned doctor’s advice of not opening the schools in the US the decision the president remains same. It was also that if a child has an immune to the virus but they lives with the adults at their homes , still the schools reopened in the July in Us and had worsen the situation. And now due to some of the bad decisions US continue to be the worst effected country in the world.