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Cobble Hill Fair To go virtual by Weekend

Cobble Hill Fair goes virtual this weekend

This year rather than organising the Cobble Hill fair in a traditional way, the organizer decided to organize the fair virtually. The main aim of the fair is to bring the future generation closer to the culture and create a greater awareness of the South Cowichan Region. This year the theme is “How Green is Our Valley”. This year the fair is affected by the COVID 19 and every participant will be having a virtual fair for which the entries are allowed till Tuesday.

This time the entries are more than the expectation of the organizers. According to them, some of the entries are too good to be expected for the fair. This is the first time when any fair is not organized outdoors and it is an outstanding and exciting attempt made by the Organizers. The organizers are Giles, Robin Brett, Brenda Burch, Cicely McLachlan, and Jayne Shaw. Besides being a good experience one of the organizers said that “It’s been a fun experience organizing the virtual fair but we wouldn’t wish something like this pandemic on us ever again, and it is really hard to decide that what to expect as the entries have been phenomenal.

Some entries are visible at the Fair’s official Facebook page and according to report it looks that the winning entries will be posted by Saturday on the official website viz. There are many categories in the fair and the entries are invited in almost every category. The planners are thinking about adding another category in the next year fair which will be “Anything We Missed”. In this category many things like Creative Makeup. Embroidery, Cross Stitch, and many others will be included.

Some outstanding entries are coming from the primary section where the Focacian bread is made by the two and a half years and a three old years old made a blueberries pie which he picked himself. In another category which is from 7 to 12 years where the centre of attraction is the  Eiffel Tower which is made from the Styrofoam packing peanuts.

There are plenty of other exciting and interesting things which are coming. This time it is impossible to organise the agriculture exhibition which is organised every year and the organisers are hoping that the things will go back to normal by the next year and the fair can be organised outdoors.