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Don’t Freak Out: The Long Island Restaurant Sign Is Being Cleaned

CHB pal and neighborhood racounteur EJ Cory tweeted Saturday morning that the Long Island Restaurant’s iconic neon sign had disappeared from the corner of Atlantic and Henry.

Don’t fear friends. The Brooklyn Paper reports that the sign will return soon:

Brooklyn Paper: Permits on the building say the sign was removed so it could be cleaned, but one of the building’s owners only promised that the greasy spoon, which served hungry Brooklynites from 1951 until 2007, would reopen next month, then promptly hung up the phone.

Eater reported last year that veteran restaurateur Toby Cecchini will be involved in the spot’s reincarnation.


Lost New York: The long-dormant inside—the interior of which is a perfectly preserved 1950s-era bar and diner—had been undergoing a renovation for the past few months. I have no first-hand information on the undertaking, but my understanding is that the new proprietors intend to preserve the look of the place, including the signs. (Indeed, one of the stipulations of the Alperin family, which has long owned the building, and used to run the restaurant, is that anyone who occupied the space wouldn’t be allowed to change a thing about the decor. This led to may would-be tenants being shot down over the past five years.) That said, I suspect the signs have been taken down for restoration. Maybe we’ll be the first generation in decades to see that cursive neon lit!

Photo: Lost New York

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